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With a team of expert programmers Advertising Dog can deliver you any kind of digital marketing services and app services for a successful business.

Advertising Dog offers user centric UX design, specialist website development and web application services that are designed to provide fantastic digital solutions for any challenges faced. We’ll help you build your brand in the most effective ways possible.

Customize your website the way you want without any compromises

Nowadays a good looking website and most importantly an easy to use website is really important for the customer experience. Do not let your users go away, instead make them your loyal customers.

Customize to your hearts content

In Advertising dog we value the user experience of our websites as one of the most important factors for a well build webpage. Let us customize your own website for a guaranteed success today.

Some important key features

  • Page Speed

    A slow webpage is a car without wheels. Advertising dog is targeting for max web speeds as an important SEO key feature.

  • User Friendly

    User friendly websites is the first thing that a website should have. The whole reason of a website is its users.

  • Bug Free

    A nasty bug in a webpage is a serious matter that should be taken care right away. Our customization of your website includes a bug free environment.

Some of our latest Services

Get rid of the nasty bugs

Are you tired of your buggy website?

Advertising Dog will get rid of all the bugs your website has been going through troubling you for a long time, FAST, for every type of website and CMS platform.

Some of our latest Services

Some important fixes

  • PHP Errors

    Websites are using php as their main language to work and thats a big reason to have php errors

  • Plugin bugs

    If you have a problem with a plugin compatibility with your current theme

  • Crashes

    Different kind of crashes can happen all the time for countless of reasons.

Speed of a website is an important factor for user experience and Google Metrics

In Advertising Dog we value the speed of our pages and we concentrate on user experience. Leave it to us to make your website lighting fast and get those so wanted numbers.

Some important page speed optimizations

  • Site code optimizations

    One of the first things we concentrate on a website is the code structure. A proper code structure helps a server to read your website faster and improve its reading speed.

  • File Compression

    Files on a website is a big reason for page slowdowns. We analyze and compress all the big files of your website.

  • Server optimization

    Anothe big reason for page speed is the server that the website is hosted on. We analyze and optimize the server settings and features.

Some of our latest Services

Website Installation Services

Do you need to install something on your website or your server?

Advertising Dog will install anything you need and make sure its bug free and working properly, from a simple website add on to a server feature.

Some of our services

  • Theme installation

    We will install any theme you like from the platform of your choice.

  • Add ons installation

    If you need to install an add on for your website or server.

  • Updates

    If you need to update your website, your plugins, or your server we will do it for you.

Some of our latest Services

Security is a very important thing for your website and your customers

A safe website can give you the piece of mind without worrying about anything happening to your work tool. Advertising Dog will make sure your website is safe and sound from any threats of the world wide web.

Some important security services

  • SSL Integration

    SSL in todays websites is a must thing that everyone should have. We will install the latest SSL certificates for you

  • Antivirus Protection

    We will make sure your website is clean, free from any virus and secure it with the latest antivirus protections

  • DDOS Attacks

    If you have been a victim of a DDOS attack we will stop any threat and make sure you will be safe and sound.

Some of our latest Services

If you are looking for lightning speed hosting we got you covered

Are you dissapointed from your hosting company?

Advertising Dog will provide you with the latest server technology and the fastest NVMe and ssd disks from all around the world.

Some of our latest Services

Our servers key features

  • 99% Uptime

    Your website will be online 99% of the time so that you will have no worries about downtimes.

  • Fast NVMe and SSD Disks

    Reading speeds of your server to your website and to your customers will be lightning fast like you have never seen before.

  • Free SSL

    Advertising Dog will provide you for free the SSL Certificate of your website at no cost.